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 * xcb: Copyright (C) 1992,1993,1994 by Farrell McKay.
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
 * documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided
 * that the above copyright notice appears in all copies and that both that
 * copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting
 * documentation.  This software is provided "as is" without express or
 * implied warranty.
 * This header file contains the definitions and typedefs
 * for the custom cut buffer widget.
#ifndef _cb_h
#define _cb_h

#include <X11/IntrinsicP.h>         /* needed for CorePart et.al.*/

#define     XtNatom                       "atom"
#define     XtCAtom                       "Atom"

typedef struct _CbClassRec {
      CoreClassPart     core_class;
} CbClassRec, *CbWidgetClass;

typedef struct _CbRec {
      CorePart    core;
      Pixel       fgnd;
      XFontSet    fontset;
      int         font_width;
      int         font_ascent;
      int         font_height;
      GC          gc;
      GC          gc_inv;
      Atom        atom;
} CbRec, *CbWidget;

extern WidgetClass      cbWidgetClass;
extern CbClassRec cbClassRec;


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